YMMV / The Truth About Killer Dinosaurs

  • Nightmare Fuel / Squick: Dinosaurs eating meat in gory detail, and some of the experiments also qualify.
    • The Triceratops killing the T-rex, we see the inside of the T-rex when it's getting punctured by the Triceratops' horn.
  • They Just Didn't Care: The "Triceratops crash test". The scientists drive a replica of a Triceratops skull into a porous aluminum wall (representing T. rex), and when the skull breaks to pieces, they conclude that the animal was just as vulnerable. Two things wrong with the experiment: both of the participants. A real-life Triceratops head would naturally have all sorts of strengthening tissue supporting the skull, and T. rex... clearly wasn't a large, square-shaped metal surface.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The program had some spectacular effects for a TV Documentary, especially the parts when the presenter walked around and interacted with the dinosaurs. That said, the CGI model for the Tyrannosaurus skeleton looked quite bad.