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YMMV: The Trolls
  • Nightmare Fuel: The descriptions of the trolls, and how they steal anything, including people. According to Great Uncle Louie, the town pastor left several wives for them. He adds that the second wife was carried off screaming.
  • Tear Jerker: How the story of Sally and her siblings leaving Robbie for the trolls ends up. The three are divided because of the guilt they feel. Robbie distances himself from them because, as Sally puts it, "knowing that your family could give you away, even in jest, just changes everything". Sally tries to relieve her guilt by telling her sister, but that does nothing but drive the sister away. Aunt Sally finishes the story by telling how her relatives are either dead or estranged from her, and "when I see that old clapboard house I lived in, I am a stranger". One of the girls even comments that the story was more sad than scary.

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