YMMV / The Strange Talent of Luther Strode

  • Complete Monster: Jack the Ripper himself in Legend is a super-powered Serial Killer who was released from the box in which he was bound in order to fight Luther. After being freed, he quickly disembowels a young crime boss and takes the first opportunity to kill the man who unbound him. Traveling to a crowded mall, Jack then utterly butchers hundreds of the innocent civilians shopping there. When Luther and his girlfriend Petra find the grisly scene, they discover that Jack hadn't actually killed anyone, but mutilated them and made sculptures from their bodies while leaving them alive with their pain. When Petra leads the survivors out of the mall after he tries to get her to inadvertently shoot them, Jack becomes enraged, wanting have more "fun" with them. Believing Luther to be at his mercy, Jack then taunts him with how he plans to kill Petra in front of him. Desiring nothing but to see the world "drown in blood", Jack stands out even in a comic filled with crazed blood knights.
  • Counterpart Comparison: A few people have compared Luther to Rick Taylor, another masked, super-strong mountain of muscle who fit the 'typical geek' mold before his transformation. The similar levels of violence in Splatterhouse and TSTOLS only serve to reinforce this.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The scene where Luther kills a room full of mooks is pretty gruesome. Especially when you see it from Petra's point of view later on in the story.
    • What Jack the Ripper did at the mall.