YMMV / The Silver Lining

  • Approval of God: Roberta Williams was very positive about this game
    The game is very true to the original series and features many of the storylines and characters, especially, of King’s Quest VI. I found it beautiful to play. I, too, like many other fans, would like to see how this story unfolds! ~Roberta Williams
  • Hype Backlash: Zig-Zagged. Episode one is essentially little more than a demo...however, it was only the first episode, and people were certainly impressed with the future ones.
  • That One Puzzle: Opening Pandora's Box. At the start, you have four wheels of symbols, spinning slowly. Each symbol corresponds to a quarter of a Zodiac sign. You must click the symbols to create each sign. Not so bad at the start. But after a few signs are complete, the wheels speed up. After a few more, they fade in and out. Then they start switching places. Then they start flying all over the screen. And yes, you have to create all twelve signs. Oh, and if you choose the wrong last symbol three times, the image breaks and you have to start over again.
    • However! That's only if you pick the "Normal" setting. If you pick "Easy", then it goes: spin, spin faster, fade in and out (two sections at a time).
  • Crowning Musicof Awesome: If there is one thing that everyone seems to love about this game, it's the score! From Graham's Theme to the Tower Sequence to the ending music of episode 4, it's just fantastic!