YMMV / The Platoon Of Power Squadron

  • Awesome Music: Damon's theme is both menacing and quirky, just like the character.
  • Fridge Horror: The full extent of Jonas's power. He's easily stronger than the other three combined, and could probably single-handedly take over the world if he wanted to. He can fully control anyone and anything he wants to, up to and including killing people with a glance. Merely HAVING his ability makes him dangerous to be around. His speech to Donald in Episode Five heavily implies he once used his powers to brainwash, rape, and even murder multiple people until he realized what he was doing and got it under control. Using it too much, even for harmless things, can end up with him controlling people in his sleep... And then in Episode Seven, he loses control completely, and, oblivious to Donald's protests, KILLS FOUR PEOPLE IN COLD BLOOD. No, they're not coming back. ...Now imagine what Damon could do with that power.
  • Growing the Beard: Literally and figuratively. The first episode suffers a lot of Early Installment Weirdness, and poorer video quality. By the second episode (and by the time Craig Benzine had grown a beard) the show got much better.
  • Moral Event Horizon: The smoke creature immediately crosses this when it posses a twelve-year old boy and makes him murder his five-year old brother. After it eventually settles in Damon, it continues to prove its evil and desire for power to Damon's wife and to Carl.
  • Rewatch Bonus: In Episode 5, you can see a hipster sitting at the bar where Donald was looking for the portal he and Virginia made. Later, in a flashback, we see the same guy accidentally stumble into the portal, which is what prompts Virginia to finally close it.
    • Also in Episode 5, when Donald is at the bar he meets Estal at, you can see one of Estal's muggers, Gabe, in a booth behind them. Later it's revealed he was following Donald to "Work up the courage to serve at [his] feet in hopes of osmosising some of [his] sweet knowledge of chick magnetisism"
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: Oh GOD yes. After the first few episodes, the amount of time spent on special effects went WAY up... and it shows. Some of the fight scenes in later episodes are so epic, it's no surprise that one episode takes about a year to make.