YMMV / The Mutilator

  • Accidental Aesop: Keep the access to your guns properly locked.note 
  • Angst? What Angst?: Ed Jr.'s accidental murder of his mother doesn't seem to bother him.
  • Awesome Music: "Fall Break".
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: When Pam promises certain rewards to Ralph if he goes looking for some of their missing friends, the film abruptly speeds up for ten seconds to show his new eagerness to get dressed and get going, all while semi-goofy music plays, like the movie briefly turned into an old timey cartoon.
  • Complete Monster: Big Ed. Unlike virtually every slasher villain, there's no mask, no hideous deformity, no teenagers walking into his territory, no campfire story that turns out to be true. Just a clearly already mentally unhinged man (based on how he reacted when his wife was shot) slowly letting the darkness within him grow for years and years before he finally completely snaps and calls up his son to murder him. When his son brings some friends, Ed brutally, viciously murders/tries to murder all of them too. The sheer psychotic coldness and sadism of his deeds, especially considering his main fantasy was killing his OWN SON, bring to mind more the likes of Richard Speck than Jason Voorhees.