YMMV / The Mousetrap

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Mr. Paravicini sometimes gets this in various productions. Most portray him as a stereotypical Italian who talks-a like-a this and such. Others however portray him more like an Italian mobster giving him an edge of sorts.
  • Adaptation Displacement: To some degree, anyhow. Think about it: how often do you hear anyone refer to the original short story or radio play Three Blind Mice instead of the play? Although that's partially due to publishing of the short story being banned in its home country until the show stops running. It was, however, released in the United States.
  • Freud Was Right: Many viewers think that Christopher Wren is supposed to be gay, based on his mannerisms and finding Sgt. Trotter to be attractive (as a policeman), "terribly hearty", etc. Officially, he's not.
  • It Was His Sled: Averted. The play traditionally ends with the actors asking audience not to spoil the killer's true identity, so it's not common knowledge despite being "the world's longest running play".
  • Name's the Same: Christopher Wren, the character, shares his name with Christopher Wren, architect of St. Paul's Cathedral. The character is an architect, as well.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Oh very much so and not just at the end. Think about it, you're trapped in a little bed and breakfast inn by a snow storm with people you don't know... and one of them is the killer.
  • Spoil At Your Own Risk: Ignored by the general public.