YMMV / The Front

  • Acceptable Political Targets: A daring indictment of the Hollywood blacklist, a scant 16 years after it ceased to be respected altogether.
  • Director Displacement: Woody Allen stars in the film, but he didn't write or direct.
  • He Really Can Act:
    • Many of his non-fans (and even some of his admirers) have this reaction to Woody Allen's performance. It was his most dramatic role to date, and he played it with gravity and depth.
    • Ditto for Zero Mostel. Roger Ebert felt he as "Hecky Brown" embodied the pain caused by McCarthyism.
  • Moment of Awesome: The entire film seems to be building up to Howard's Moment of Awesome.
    Howard Prince: Fellas...I don't recognize the right of this committee to ask these kinds of questions. And furthermore, you can all go fuck yourselves.
  • Tear Jerker: Hecky Brown jumping to his death. Even more so with the knowledge that this was Mostel's last appearance on the silver screen.