YMMV / The Fanfic Critic

  • She Panned It, Now She Sucks: Her Sonichu review.
  • Special Effect Failure:
    • In episodes filmed when it's still light outside, turning off the light to end the review doesn't have the desired effect. The FanFic Critic points this out when it happens.
    • One episode had Susan screwing around with effects because she didn't know how to work the computer.
  • Squick: Some of the fanfiction she reads can get a little gross.
  • We Used to Be Friends: Archangel Assassin was the Fanfic Critic's best friend and a recurring character throughout the original series. During an episode of her new series, "The Fanfic Critic Vlog", Wessels reveals that she had a falling out with Archangel Assassin sometime after the cancellation of the original series. While the reasons for the falling out have not been made widely public, Wessels has stated that the friendship ending has been beneficial to her personally.