YMMV: The Exiles

  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Auvry Feiran defending Cailet against Glenin.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: There's a lot of humour with Sarra finding out just who is in the Rising in the first book - including a scene in a bower where she nearly starts a brawl (she punched someone who offended her), and then realizes that who she thought was her target was actually someone completely different...
  • Newer Than They Think: Creation of Ladders is a long-forgotten art, thought lost since the Waste War - but a number of them are probably newer than that, some possibly only decades old.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Goodness gracious yes.
    • The wraithenbeasts - and Anniyas becomes one and has a lot of fun being as vicious, cruel and horrific as she can be, including murdering a mother wildcat and then watching as her cubs starved to death.
    • What Anniyas did to Bard Falundir - cut out his tongue and sliced the tendons in each finger.
    • Glenin. Sweet baby Jesus, Glenin. Thinks nothing of mindraping and brutalizing her own family, puts a spell on her husband so he'll be devoted to her (and only her) - which gets him killed when he tries to follow her through a portal and gets ripped apart, tortures and murders Collan... It just never ends.
  • Tearjerker: What happens after Cailet is brutalized by Glenin - her own sister.
    • Gorynel Desse's death - actually, pretty much all the deaths, especially Collan's.