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YMMV: The Courtship of Princess Leia
  • Mary Suetopia - The Hapans are an incredibly wealthy and powerful matriarchal society of beautiful women (served by beautiful men) who possess an unbeatable navy. The book goes to great lengths to remind us of these facts (later books avert this trope by playing up the unpleasant aspects of Hapan life and downgrading their technology to galactic norms.)
    • This troper begs to differ. Wolverton established Hapan politics as unusually vicious right from the beginning, and drops several hints that Hapan technology is inferior in many respects (such as interstellar navigation) even if it appears superior in others.
    • Indeed. Even in the book, Isolder suspects that his aunts (or later, his mother) had both his fiancee and brother killed as they were either in the way or deemed too weak to reign. Later novels seem to confirm that Ta'a Chume really did this, and she also had Tenenial Djo (Isolder's wife and Queen of Hapes) killed. Jacen finally ends it by putting her into a coma with the Force.
    • Hapan society in this one book is not a Mary Suetopia. It became one. Later books made Hapes more and more central to the story, to the point where Hapes accounts for a third of the Galactic Alliance's military strength. Yes, a complete backwater with barely twenty years on the galactic stage is able to completely dominate their republic's military, even in the face of other badass Space Navy cultures like Corellia or Kuat.
  • Narm: The subplot with Threepio trying to "prove" that Han is actually King of Corellia. Of course it is also played as this in-universe, particularly once the truth comes out about his supposedly regal ancestor. (This also becomes Hilarious in Hindsight when you realize Thrackan Sal-Solo is descended from this same Con Man.) Also, one alien vessel is given a name which is essentially a transliteration of Blowing a Raspberry.
  • Squick - If you read this book through McEwok-colored glasses, you will start to think about Jacen and Tenel Ka. Also, the idea of Yoda being a big flirt.

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