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  • Complete Monster: Gauron, but that's understandable, considering his mindset and all of the things he's done in his series. Eggman has come off as this in this series, sometimes intentionally, sometimes For the Lulz. Let's check off all of the "nice" things he's done...
    • Putting Tomoyo Daidouji in charge of his Eggman Empire while he goes off to Dream Land, and then when he returns, destroys her regime and calls her out on being a monster because the people of the world liked her more than him, despite the fact that he mentally scarred her afterwards.
    • Killed a Waddle Dee in cold blood, casually incinerated Whispy Woods to ashes, and made his Egg Carrier destroy the comparably smaller Halberd.
    • Annoying Farah Oersted to the point that she's become not only traumatized by his irritance, but more than willing to do whatever it takes to murder him. He made her a broken mess just by using his words.
    • In "The Days of Eggman", he casually passes off an actor portraying Sonic getting vaporized by a ray gun as "special effects".
    • Everything he did to the Moon Kingdom: destroying and ruining Sailor Moon's wedding, killing Queen Serenity (while balls to the walls trippin' on ecstasy), and dooming the entire Moon by turning the entire place into a massive garbage dump! Eggman justifies that shameful act due to the fact that the Moon Kingdom was planning to destroy the Earth anyway.
    • Naked backflips...
    • Admitting that he trashes Tails's house as badly as the others do, and, while he's the only sober one at the time, he burns down Tails's house in a "run of the mill flamethrower incident." And then when he's alone with Tails, he abducts him and mercilessly beats him while he's stuffed inside a burlap sack.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: This line was uttered WAYYYY before Nintendo made their move... They didn't know how right they were.
    Captain Falcon: Hello, I'd like to file a complaint! You're an ignorant two-faced whore with a father complex who gets off selling unsafe playground equipment to ignorant teachers like me! ...Oh, hello Samus!

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