YMMV / The Boys from Brazil

  • Complete Monster: Dr. Josef Mengele is a Nazi Mad Scientist who fled to South America after the war to escape justice for his crimes in the concentration camps. Orchestrating a plot to build a Fourth Reich, he captures dozens of women and forcibly impregnates them with Adolf Hitler's DNA so that he can resurrect the dead dictator through cloning and renew Nazi Germany's bid for world conquest. Mengele orders 94 men across the world killed as part of the experiment, performing the assassinations personally after he has a fallout with the rest of the retired Nazi leadership. He is prepared to kill anyone who stands in his way, including a Brazilian boy who spied on his compound. Mengele's endgame is to create a new Hitler—Mengele's ideal of the perfect sociopathic genocidal warlord—for every subsequent generation until the total extermination of the "lower races" is completed.
  • It Was His Sled: Mengele's plan is to clone Hitler. Originally not revealed until near the end of the film, this one has become so well known that the DVD cover doesn't even try to hide it.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Blue-eyed Indian kids.
  • Special Effects Failure: The kids' blue eyes are entirely unconvincing contacts.