YMMV / Testament

  • Awesome Music: Special note for "The Legacy" from Souls of Black, and the entirety of The New Order; especially "Musical Death (A Dirge)."
  • Broken Base:
    • First Strike Still Deadly; some people like the heavier sound it has compared to the original versions of the songs, while others feel it's very unpolished and lacked the "oomph" the older recordings had.
    • The Ritual for its hard rock leanings.
    • Demonic for its mid-paced groove/death metal style.
  • Epic Riff: Nearly all of their songs have these.
  • Face of the Band: Either Chuck Billy, Eric Peterson, or Alex Skolnick depending on who you ask.
  • First Installment Wins: Opinion on the band after The Legacy varies greatly from person to person, but few argue the status of that album as Awesome Music.