YMMV / Sympathy for Lady Vengeance

  • Awesome Music: Yeong-wook Jo's very baroque soundtrack only adds to Geum-Ja's grace and elegance.
  • Complete Monster: Mr. Baek Han-sang is a vile serial kidnapper who is responsible for ruining heroine Geum-ja's life. Having forced Geum-ja to assist him in kidnapping a child for ransom, Baek coldly murders the boy after tiring of his crying, then frames Geum-ja for the act, threatening the life of her infant daughter should she not admit to the crime. Baek then continues kidnapping children and holding them for ransom, however he kills them long before he gets paid, making snuff films of their deaths as he kills them in increasingly horrifying ways even as they beg for their lives. After murdering nearly half a dozen children, Baek is captured by Geum-ja, who also discovers that Baek viciously abuses his wife both sexually and physically, and when confronted by the parents of his victims, Baek reveals that he truly just wanted the money from the ransoms to buy himself a yacht. Baek is made all the more despicable when he admits to only killing the children because they were ones who particularly annoyed him in his day job, that of a schoolteacher.
  • Memetic Mutation: "Ni na jaraseyo." Which means, "Go mind your own business", became an extremely popular phrase in Korea.
  • Tear Jerker: Watching Baek's snuff movies where he kills the children.