YMMV / Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam

  • Complete Monster: Black Adam is presented here without any of his more redeemable traits. Once chosen as the Earth's savior, Adam's power consumed him to the point where he considered himself nothing less than a god, forcing Shazam to cast him out in a far point in space. Upon coming to Earth, the very first thing Adam does is redirect his impact path into an inhabited parking lot, before seeking out and intending to kill Shazam's next candidate Billy Batson. Throughout his appearance, Adam shows glorification in exercising his own power over living beings, attempting to flood all of Fawcett City as a distraction and taking a hostage to force Billy to depower himself—later trying to kill the hostage anyways—while relating his supremacist philosophies to Billy. Once he's beaten, Adam contents himself with smugly goading Billy into a Not So Different position. Adam would willingly hurt anyone and anything so long as the result would be to his benefit.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Billy Batson is voiced here by Zach Callison. who a few years later would voice another kid hero who wears red and yellow. (For added irony, both properties are owned by TimeWarner.)