YMMV / Strike Suit Zero

  • Awesome Music: Paul Ruskay's score for the game is highlighted as one of its best points in reviews, even the ones which are negative toward the game overall. His composition involves lots of Indian instruments, and Japanese artist Kokia provides vocal tracks for the music, creating a haunting ethereal mood which often serves as an Autobots, Rock Out! moment when it happens in the game. Backers over a certain threshold on Kickstarter got copies of the soundtrack with the game. He talks a little about it here.
    • Of particular note is the main theme, which plays when you first get in to the titular Strike Suit and fits the epic mood quite nicely.
  • Broken Base: The Directors Cut being a separate game from the original on PC, instead of being a free update, has caused massive backlash. While owners of the original Strike Suit Zero get a large discount on the Directors Cut, it also has a plethora of technical issues that were not present in the original.
  • Game-Breaker: The Marauder, particularly when equipped with the Rail Gun. Its Strike Mode cannons are basically Sniper Rifles and are capable of one-shoting any small target at incredible range and its Missiles are the torpedos used by the Bomber, only they fly faster, have lock-on, and you can fire four at a time. In Pursuit Mode, the Rail Gun gives you similar long-range striking ability, and can tear through Fighters and Point Defense turrets with ease. And of course, the machine's armor and shields are way beyond the other machines. The only downside is that it's rather slow, but even then it's still far more maneuverable than the Bomber, and with the range its weapons are capable of, the speed issue is negligible.
  • Most Annoying Sound: That incessant beeping that goes off whenever your shields are completely depleted. It can take a while before they start recharging, and until they do, you'll have to put up with it.
  • That One Level: The final mission is quite boring at best and frustrating at worst. There is no fighting apart from shooting a few stationary obstacles, but you can't slow down and have to navigate a narrow tunnel for what feels like an eternity with no checkpoints. If you crash into anything, you instantly lose your entire shield bar, even on the easiest difficulty, and if you get stuck the wrong way, its a quick game over. And when you finally get to the core, you have to act pretty quickly if you take out the limiters first, and its kinda counterintuitive too; shooting the center after taking out a few of the parts around it does absolutely nothing, you have to shoot off the smaller parts instead.