YMMV / Space Carrier Blue Noah

  • Complete Monster: Leader Zytel (General Zee in the dub), supreme leader of the Gothamite race and the genius who designed the Terror Star to preserve the race, opens the series by ordering a genocide that exterminates ninety percent of humanity to claim earth for Gothamites. However, it is later revealed that the Terror Star had a flaw Zytel was well aware of. Instead of doing anything to save his people,he let hundreds of millions of Gothamites die when life support failed, intending to flee to a changed earth with preserved Gothamite cells to restart the race with himself as their leader. Upon discovery, Zytel promptly tries to murder the subordinate confronting him, obsessed only with his legacy and control over the people of Gotham.
  • Tough Act to Follow: Rarely remembered, unlike its predecessor.