YMMV / Sky Commanders

  • Awesome Music: While the opening theme is a bit buried under the cool yet distracting narration, when you hear it solo in the end credits, it sounds really sweet.
  • Follow the Leader:
    • Sky Commanders was made a years after Centurions, was aimed at the same demographic, and was a product of the same toy company, Kenner; Centurions was produced by Ruby-Spears, while this show was created by their cousins at Hanna-Barbera. Therefore, it's not surprising that the two shows' appeals and characters are not that different in the normal sense these companies used formula.
    • In turn some concepts (along with voice actors Charlie Adler and Paul Eiding) later went into SWAT Kats. Compare some of the vehicles and the respective traveling underground episodes.
    • The toyline itself owes plenty to M.A.S.K., another Kenner action figure franchise. Both lines featured tiny figures that were packaged with gimmicky vehicles. This example being separate because the respective cartoons are only similar in the same vein that most 1980s action cartoons were.