YMMV / SilverHawks

  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The theme song — especially the guitar solo by Bluegrass.
  • Cult Classic: The series is arguably best remembered for being "That show that wasn't Thunder Cats."
  • Fridge Horror: When you stop and think about it, the Silverhawks gave up a good chunk of their physical humanity in order to become the heroes that they are. Being a kids 80s show this could be seen as Angst? What Angst? at play, thus the obvious Body Horror is not really touched on.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Steelheart, for obvious reasons.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The series was (and some people might argue it still is) HUGE in latin america, specially Mexico. It isn't rare seeing whole conventions stop for a couple of seconds if the theme starts playing only to sing along to it.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The Silverhawks try to add human racial diversity in later members, but in truth the Mob is probably your better model for diversity albeit in a fantastical way. But either way through a modern lens the mob looks a lot more accepting to members than the Silverhawks are.
  • Ho Yay: Between Commander Stargazer and Condor. There's something rather... affectionate about the way Condor calls Stargazer "Gaze" after all.
  • The Scrappy: For some viewers, Copper Kid. He's not halfway as bad as other token children in other shows, though.
    • Seymour and Zeke the Beak may fit the definition more, though for what it's worth they're nowhere near as annoying as Snarf and Snarfer from ThunderCats (1985).
  • Wild Card: Seymour. He's basically a True Neutral version of this trope. While he'd make runs for the Silverhawks in his taxi, usually for payment, he'd also provide taxi service for the mob. Above all, he's more concerned with making a living and saving his own hide rather than taking sides between the two factions.