YMMV / Ships of Merior

  • Crowning Moment of Awesome / Magic Music / The Power of Rock: Arithon plays a particularly epic form of this in Jaelot, managing to reawaken his own stunted sorcery, awaken a point of power under the city, invoke the Paravian mysteries that were once revered there, and destroy much of the city completely by accident. Naturally it causes massive panic in the townsfolk who had, deliberately or otherwise, been decently successful in muffling the the node up till then, and he, his mentor, and Dakar must beat feet very quickly afterwards, mainly because Arithon's magical disguise as Medlir has dropped while he was playing.
  • Paranoia Fuel: The journey of Lysaer's forces through Valleygap is delayed for hours to check for clan scouts (which could be in any of several hundred hiding places) and thereafter moves at a crawl in order for the caravan scouts to investigate every noise and rockslide to prevent heavy losses from snipers or investigate the path for pit traps, deadfalls, snares, blockages, and any number of hazards. Due to the unfriendly terrain, they can't be sure if enemy forces are even there at any given time.