YMMV / Shadow Dance Trilogy

  • Complete Monster: Leon Connington, the head of the Connington family, made much of his vast fortune running a prison to hold anyone the Trifect wants to disappear. In a world of Black and Gray Morality and depraved villains, Connington stands out for personally heading much of the vicious torture of these victims and for being a Serial Rapist, torturing and raping Melody Gemcroft for years and convincing the Gemcroft family she was long dead to continue assaulting her. He also threatened to do the same to Alyssa Gemcroft. In addition, he dressed up and raped Stephen Connington, his heir, driving him insane and making him into the Widow, a butcher and Serial Killer. Utterly unrepentant of these crimes, he is directly responsible for the creation of many of the villains in the second half of the series.
  • Moral Event Horizon: In-Universe, Muzien killing elves, including Celestia's High Priest, in her temple is treated as one by the goddess, who burns his hand when he begs for her guidance. Thus his name The Darkhand.