YMMV / Risky Safety

  • Growing the Goatee: The final six episodes are more serious in tone (though not overly so), featuring a mythical entity called the Moment of Destiny that dramatically alters the leads' personalities, fates, and even their memories.
  • Les Yay, with a dash of Foe Yay: There's people who ship Risky and Safety as a couple. No, really (may contain spoilers).
    • Also, Moe's friends Suzuko and Kotone. Come on, there has to be something going on there...
    • As well as Risky and Kade. Seriously, Risky looks devastated when she tells the part of Kade falling for a Momotaro, she starts a full-scale war when she believes Kade has been kidnapped (let that sink in. Risky started an entire war to get one girl back home, and the girl isn't even royalty, or that important to the tribe), and believes Kade to be Brainwashed when hearing she's in love with Wakatake.
    Risky: Bastard. You must have brainwashed her!
  • Moe: Take a wild guess. Applies to most of the cast, come to think of it.
  • Tear Jerker: Fazzy's mini-arc. Risky and Safety's seemingly-final goodbye to Moe.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: It's not obvious that Risky is female at first glance. Maybe that's why she's often shipped with Safety. Although some people still ship her with Safety, even after The Reveal...
    • The dub was apparently confused too, referring to Risky as "he," "him" and as "Mister Shinigami" in a few episodes before switching to female pronouns after it was apparent she was a girl. This was done deliberately to preserve the surprise of The Reveal in the absence of the gender-neutral pronouns used in the Japanese version.
  • The Woobie: Fazzy, in her little arc. Arguably Moe as well.