YMMV / Rental Magica

  • Awesome Music: The OP, Lisa Komine's "Sora ni Saku", better known by its English version "Faith."
  • Nightmare Fuel
    • Yeah, just at the first episode an old man who supposed to be dead resurrected... wait, that's not an undead, it's like something from.... oh my! Eldritch Abomination!
    • And don't get us started with Oswald Lenn Mathers in the fifth and sixth episode, who is a formless monster that can use any demonic form he desires...
    • Fin Cruda in the last three episode, along with The Dragon, is what could be described by this troper "If Giygas has human form"...
    • Then there's the giant, floating larva in Sekiren's debut episode. (shudder) Coincidentally, it actually does have the power to cause nightmares in the show itself.