YMMV / RF Online

  • Alt-itis - You get 4 character slots but your account can only belong to 1 race.
  • Good Bad Bug - Accretia has a LOT of bugs. as they say in the RF Philippines "pag accre nagipit, sa BUG kumakapit! (When an Accretian is in trouble, it clings to a BUG!)"
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot - A rather common feeling among many North American fans (and game staffers/writers for things like the short-lived RF Online Magazine). This is a setting that features humans who are raised to adulthood before having their brains surgically implanted into immortal robot bodies, space elves who are actually fairly vicious and whose society is fairly Darwinian, and a race of space gnomes who are basically The Foundation more than anything else. And... all they can do with the game is a grind and one quest per level? No epic quest lines, no other real planets? No overarching plotlines that examine what it'd be like to be a human mind implanted into a war machine? No visiting Accretia or Bellus? Really?
    • Look at this trailer. LOOK AT IT, and realize they made a simple grinding game out of this concept.