YMMV / Princess Chroma

  • Affectionate Parody: While the comic does poke fun at some of the conventions of Magical Girl stories, it never goes so far as to claim that such stories are inherently wrong. (not yet, anyway, though the revelation that Chroma is powered by dark magic, and the kingdom of Elysium did their best to rebrand her as a magical girl for the public moves it closer to Puella Magi Madoka Magica territory than Sailor Moon
  • Cerebus Syndrome: After June's super-powered Freak Out at the end of Chapter Four, the comic starts longer storylines where victory is no longer a foregone conclusion, as well as revealing some of the darker elements of the series' backstory in the flashbacks to the original Chroma. However, the strip maintains its humor and introduces the more dramatic parts at a believable pace, so really it's more an example of;
  • Growing the Beard: Chapter Four is where the story really takes off, as all the characters are in play and the narrative is ready to tackle longer stories with a wider array of moods.
  • Lawful Good: The original Chroma was a kind character who saw no reason to disobey the rules, in sharp contrast with June's more abrasive demeanor.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Brunswick's schemes, while far from nice, make perfect sense pragmatically and politically.
  • Moe: Unquestionably (and in a non-pervy way) for the original Princess Chroma. She's so adorable you can see why Leopold would rush in to protect her.
  • Squick: When June plunges her fists into the banana monster in Chapter 4, she is covered with yellow mush— and the fantastical biology doesn't disconnect the reader from the fact that June's basically covered in the blood and viscera of her enemy.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The artist's use of color, both the full spectrum and the grayscale pages (and especially when the two are contrasted)
  • The Woobie: Spiders a.k.a. Leopold, especially after his past is revealed. he promised to protect the original Chroma but ultimately failed to stop her death, and he's devoted himself to her successor to honor his previous charge's memory. However, his rabbit form renders him physically helpless and incapable of protecting June, as well as making him even more adorable (and thus more Woobieish).