YMMV / Perimeter

  • Crowning Music of Awesome:
    • "Alpha Expedition", the opening theme to the game.
  • Seasonal Rot: The expansion pack "Emperor's Testament" and the Sequel were not as warmly received as the first installment in the series.
  • That One Level:
    • World Biodamage: before this mission, you've faced relatively easy objectives. Then comes this mission, and suddenly you must stop Harkbackhood frame from charging it's Spiral, while charging your own Spiral and going through the portal to prevent Harkbackhood from going back through the chain. Main problem you have to deal in this mission are scummers - a Drill Tank that damages the zero layer, forcing your frame off the ground, interrupting the charge, and damaging structures of your base, making you spend energy on repairs. Meanwhile, Harkbackhood attacs you with artillery tanks and charges their spiral. The portal moving over their base is not helping, either. A surprising Difficulty Spike to many players.
    • World Krugh, that comes right after Biodamage. The enemy actively tries to capture the portal AND your frame, builds howitzers, and tries to capture chunks of your energy network. Oh, and they also have a base built, and you got nothing. You must charge spiral and leave through the portal. Have fun!
    • World Mountime. Hardes. Level. Of the game. You, again, start with nothing, and right off the bat your enemy sends five extirpators (tanks that launch subterra torpedoes, which will damage zero layer as they go, and will leave a crater after they hit target) to your base. Further, it builds howitzers, bombies (bomber planes), and disintegrators (annoying unit that breaks complex units into basic units). Have. Fun.