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YMMV: Paladin of Shadows
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: Pretty much the entirety of the second act of Ghost, which consists of Mike bumming around on his boat, picking up a pair of nubile coeds, and introducing them to BDSM. Besides showing what he's been doing since getting out of the hospital, it has no bearing on the larger plot until he gets a call from his handler requesting that he go get shot up again, after which it is never mentioned again beyond an incredibly tangential reference in A Deeper Blue that doesn't even mention the coeds.
  • Critical Research Failure. Spelling Semtex as "Semtec", insisting that Skoda Works (founded 1859) was created during the Soviet occupation...
  • Jerk Sue: Mike is one. He's an ass, he's a rapist, tortures in absolutely gruesome ways without hesitation, and acknowledges that he's not a good guy. Problem is, he never faces any sort of negative consequences for his actions, the only one to call him on his crap is Katya, and everyone else either apparently sees no problem with what he does or wholeheartedly approves. Anyone who disagrees is painted as either wholeheartedly evil or a strawman to be patronized and insulted.

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