• Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: in "Bye Bye, Kluit!", when Alice finds the letters to potential adoptive parents she wrote over the years, but which the orphans hid in the basement, and realizes they have actively been sabotaging her attempts to find families for them; rather than being angry about it, she sheds some tears and admits to be touched by the fact they apparently love her that much.
  • Fridge Horror: The final fate of Ursula, Hanz and Douglas. It's presented as a Cool and Unusual Punishment, but think about it; they spend 500 days trapped in a rocket, with Douglas and Ursula being forced to share a spacesuit that was actually designed for a gorilla, and Hanz and Ursula's cat being forced to share another space suit since the other two suits where not ready yet. They have nothing to eat except banana's for the entire journey to Mars. And considering the fact that the whole Mars project was still in an early stage (the monkeys that were supposed to be put in the rocket where test subjects to see if people can survive in the artificial environments Z-Oil was building on Mars), they most likely have no way of ever returning to Earth and will thus die slowly when their oxygen and food supplies are used up.
  • Uncanny Valley / Creepy Child: the Orphans' class mates are all modelled after Flemish TV presentators on a kids' channel. ADULT presentators that is. As a result they look.... rather unnerving, and very un-child like compared to the Orphans and other child characters in the series.