YMMV / Omega Guardians

  • The Woobie: Andy. Let's start at the beginning: The boy is mutated - in his mother's womb- to give him mutant powers, followed by his parents being killed as soon as he's born. He's then raised by the alien overlord who muated him in the first place, who intends to use the kid as a weapon of mass destruction. When Andy finally does run away after learning the truth about his origin, he starts to trust the wrong person on the team, who promptly steals his powers upon release from his prison. This is followed by six months of intense pain and torture at the hands of the very people who created him, and upon escaping learns that the one of the two people in the world he cared for is dead. And that's just season 1. Season 2 doesn't seem to be too bad for him, but maybe that's because he's been offscreen for a majority of the season thus far.