YMMV / Nightwalker

  • Die for Our Ship: There are those who don't exactly care for the Shido-Riho pairing.
  • Evil Is Sexy: In episode 12, after Riho leaves Shido, she starts dressing in a slinky black mini-dress.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Apparently, there are those who would ship Shido with either Yayoi or Cain.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Cain, once you realize that by having Shido and Riho in a happy relationship together as vampires, it makes it more likely for Cain to influence Shido in a century or two.
  • Moral Event Horizon: In Episode 12, after Riho kills Yayoi and Guni, Shido feels he has no alternative but to kill her.
  • Otaku O'Clock: "Nightwalker" was one of the first late-night anime series.
  • X Meets Y: invoked Interview with the Vampire meets Forever Knight. The DVD features a quote that describes it as such, throwing Angel in for good measure.