YMMV / Nick of Time

  • Complete Monster: Mr. Smith is a psychotic assassin with a Hair-Trigger Temper hiding under a paper-thin veneer of affability. A member of the conspiracy to assassinate Governor Eleanor Grant, Smith and his cohort Ms. Jones snatch accountant Gene Winston from off the street and browbeat him into carrying out the assassination at the threat of his young daughter Lynn's life—with full plans to likely kill both after they have worn out their use. Smith relentlessly hounds and beats Gene and threatens to brutally murder Lynn for the slightest deviation from the plot, and at one point reminisces over murdering a friend of his for being a "fuck-up." Smith coldly shoots Eleanor's assistant dead after she inadvertently learns too much, and once the plot to kill Eleanor goes awry for the final time, Smith simply indiscriminately fires into a populated crowd to take her out and shortly thereafter tries to murder Lynn himself. Deprived of any real emotion except murderous anger, Smith's tendency to harm anything that so much as displeased him marked him as the absolute worst of those involved in the conspiracy.
  • Cult Classic: A flop when it was first released, it's found an audience in recent years for being a precursor to more recent Real Time concepts such as Run, Lola, Run and 24.