Some things about N can vary by opinion. For example, some consider it to be Grade A Platform Hell while others consider it to be a relaxing, easy game.
  • Breather Level: The first episode of a column tend to consist of these. Especially compared to last episode of a column.
  • Difficulty Spike: Despite Metanet's claims of them throughoutly balancing the levels in all the episodes and grids, this happens several times in N++. In particular, the final levels of episodes C-14 and C-18, Polyrhytmic Pit and Earthdate 2264 respectively, are generally considered to be... oddly misplaced in the grid, as dodging a bunch of micro drones in a really tight corridor is actually harder than it sounds. C-14 forces you to do that for 30 seconds straight, without dying. And it's a requirement to just beat the level, gold collection notwithstanding!
  • Good Bad Bugs: Oh so many. Oh so very many. To the point where people try to create levels revolving around them.
  • That One Level: Mostly depends on the player, but it is flat out guaranteed that there will be at least two per column.
    • 88-4 and 96-4 of the original still haunt some tropers in their sleep.
    • N++ has the infamous "Go Fish", a random mess of toggle mines and gold strewn about an open area. While easy to beat, getting all the gold is something else entirely.
    • N++ also has the appropriately named "The Legend of the Gold on That One Level". All the gold is tucked away in single area in the bottom left of the level. Merely getting to the gold is an exercise in impeccable timing; you have to pass mines, drone trains and a rocket launcher In a Single Bound or two. Then, when you finally get through, you'll find that the gold is toggle mined. Good luck getting out, and then passing those drone trains and rocket launcher again.
    • Another one from N++: "Schnorgled". You have to Wall Jump between mines through a shaft patrolled by drones in both directions. And if that's not bad enough, the exit and the switch unlocking it are on opposite ends of the shaft, making you traverse it twice.
    • Let's just say any final level in the last episode of a column tend to be this.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: N++'s print-based, sleek art style is a beauty to behold. Especially with the game's custom vector renderer, which gives an immaculately smooth image equivalent to 256x MSAA.