Some things about N can vary by opinion. But it seems we can all agree that this is Grade A Platform Hell.
  • Difficulty Spike: Despite Metanet's claims of them throughoutly balancing the levels in all the episodes and grids, this happens several times in N++. In particular, the final levels of episodes C-14 and C-18, Polyrhytmic Pit and Earthdate 2264 respectively, are generally considered to be... oddly misplaced in the grid, as dodging a bunch of micro drones in a really tight corridor is actually harder than it sounds. C-14 forces you to do that for 30 seconds straight, without dying. And it's a requirement to just beat the level, gold collection notwithstanding!
  • Good Bad Bugs: Oh so many. Oh so very many. To the point where people try to create levels revolving around them.
  • Scrappy Level: 88-4 of the original still haunts some tropers in their sleep.
    • 96-4 as well.
  • That One Level: Mostly depends on the player, but it is flat out guaranteed that there will be at least two per column.