YMMV / My Work Is Not Yet Done

  • Complete Monster: Usually Ligotti averts this to some degree, but Harry, Richard's Dragon and Brute, definitely qualifies for this title. In stark contrast to many of Ligotti's other antagonists, there is nothing remotely likeable about him. He is inelegant, petty, self-absorbed and wantonly destructive. And did we fail to mention that he's also a serial rapist? How charming.
    • To some degree, all of the Seven are like this, but Harry is the only one to outdo them all in terms of sheer repulsiveness. Only Richard himself comes close, but even he avoids sinking as low as Harry through simply being utterly brilliant.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Richard is quite impressive, deducing Frank's nature quickly and taking measures to protect himself, all while never dropping his Affably Evil demeanor. Even when finally face to face with Frank, he shows no fear. He also survives his encounter and even the entire story, which is more than the rest of the Seven can say.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The fates Frank subjects his victims to.
    • The idea presented that life itself is a malignant entity, which Frank calls the Great Black Swine, that wishes for nothing more than to use living things (all living things, including plants and animals) to revel in its own base desires.