YMMV / Monster A-Go Go

  • Bile Fascination: And even those strong souls will have to endure how bad it is, if Joel and the bots haven't.
  • Padding: About half an hour's worth, as aimless shots of the military are used in long, silent stretches.
  • Special Effects Failure: The "space capsule". Douglas would have had to be short and pear-shaped and stood the whole way to barely fit into it.
    • Frank Douglas is just a tall man with a bad acne problem.
    • At one point, they try to pass off someone making a tongue-trilling noise as a phone ringing. Needless to say, it doesn't work.
  • They Just Didn't Care: Why does the movie suddenly switch over to a different set of characters midway? What's with the unnecessary pretentious narration? Why does the story screech to a halt at the end and lay down a completely nonsensical resolution? Several reasons:
    • Monster-a-Go-Go originally started as a monster movie called Terror at Half-Day, directed by Bill Rebane. However, Rebane was forced to stop production when the film's budget ran out. Terror at Half-Day then remained unfinished for a few years until infamous splatter film director Herschell Gordon Lewis came along and bought the footage from Rebane.
    • H.G. Lewis needed a film that could be sold as part of a double feature with one of his own films, which was the more profitable move at the time. And so, he decided to "complete" Rebane's movie by directing several scenes that would later make up the second half of Monster-a-Go-Go, adding the pretentious narration, and then hastily piecing it all together.
    • The resulting film, despite being a terrible mess, was still released to the public. It has since then gained a legacy as being one of the worst movies ever made.