YMMV / M. Butterfly

  • Crowning Music of Awesome : This play uses several songs from Madame Butterfly and the Beijing Opera as it's soundtracks. The notable tune of choice is the "Love Duet" from the Puccini opera which features several times in the course of the play.
    • The movie also throws in a brilliant score by Howard Shore.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Song leads Gallimard on for 20 years off reading his personality, cultural stereotypes, guilt over said stereotypes, and genresavvy.
  • Tear Jerker : After finding out that Song had been lying about his gender and their son for over twenty years only to be tossed in jail for spying for China along with all the ridicule and shame brought about by his name appearing in newspapers all over the globe, Gallimard retreats back into his world of fantasy where he first met Butterfly/Song, becomes the woman himself and commits suicide.