YMMV / Love Aint Easy Its Ezzy

  • Fanon: Izzy/Ezekiel (Ezzy), Eva/Noah, Cody/Gwen, DJ/Heather, Justin/Beth, Owen/Lindsay (At least until the epilogue), Katie/Tyler (Ditto), Sadie/Trent
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Cody and Gwen, as Kobold wrote this story when it was really popular (and it still is, it's just fighting against both Gwen/Duncan AND Gwen/Trent now).
  • Woobie: Tyler. A golddigging, self-important mother who married and divorced Tyler's dad for his money, and then hangs off of rich guys and celebs like Chris Maclean for notoriety and kicks. A girlfriend, Lindsay, who, despite her best intentions, broke his heart by choosing Owen over him. Kind of hard not to feel for the poor guy...