YMMV / Lost Continent

  • Cargo Ship: Sgt. Monkey Boy's character tic is that he treats airplanes like attractive women.
  • Fridge Brilliance: So where did they go after the island exploded and they're stranded in the middle of the ocean in a tiny rowboat? One could be forgiven if one had forgotten Acquanetta's little throwaway reference to a missionary school, "island over there!" which is apparently close enough for the Lost Continent natives to journey over and not quite learn English.
    • One could also be forgiven for forgetting a brief mention of high-pressure, underground gasses, as well as an even more brief mention of earthquakes, both of which ultimately lead (we'd have to assume) to the Cataclysm Climax.
  • Padding: The Movie!
    • Rock. Climbing. It's like they told the actors to climb the rock, and while they were doing it the film crew took the rest of the day off and left the cameras going.
    • The film itself even (unintentionally) lampshades it at one point: "I don't know how long these guys'll hold out; they got pleats in their pants, they're folding so fast."