YMMV / Knight Errant

Dragon Age comic

  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Vaea managing to incapacitate Ser Nevin, a hulking brute twice her size. First she manages to knock him off a ledge using some impressive acrobatic skills, and then she knocks him out with a candelabra.
    • Ser Aaron really did stand between the elves of Edgehall and Arl Gell's soliders, forcing both sides to lay down their arms. By his own account, he just happened to be passing through the area. And, as a later panel shows, he managed to get the elves the wall they had sought.
    • While being a fighter at such a young age was probably not good for his mental health, it's really quite impressive that Aaron managed to defeat two grown men as a nine-year-old child.
    • In the fifth issue, Ser Aaron proves that he still possesses immense skill as a warrior when he takes on multiple Tevinter mooks, at one point battling four of them at the same time while wielding two blades.
    Vaea: Drunk? Maybe. Washed-up? Apparently not.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Vaea's attempts to wake Ser Aaron in Issue 2 after he's passed out drunk. Even dumping water on him fails to rouse the old drunk.
    Sebastian: Varric! How good of you to come for my birthday!
    Varric: Wouldn't have missed it, choir-boy.
    Sebastian: Varric, please. I am the prince now.
    Varric: Of course, your Highness, so long as you call me 'Viscount Varric.'
    Sebastian: Right. Choir-boy it is, then.
    • Vaea rebuffing Tessa's attempts to convince her to complete their mission yields this gem.
    Vaea: The Dalish have an old saying. Roughly translated, it means 'Not my circus, not my monkey.'
    Tessa: They do not say that.
    Vaea: They could. How would you know?
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Ser Aaron offering Vaea a job as his squire after the death of her uncle. In general, the old man is very respectful of Vaea, while she seems determined not to make him think less of her.
    • In the fifth issue, Ser Aaron refuses Granger's offer to implicate Vaea despite the potential cost to himself, including the loss of his title and imprisonment. She then returns the favour by spinning a story for Granger and Sebastian that puts all the blame on Marquette, allowing them both to leave Starkhaven.