YMMV / Kingdom Hearts: The Third Epic

  • Arc Fatigue: General Saber’s arc in Final Confrontation lasts almost half of the entire fic. Hell, he almost gets more importance given to him than the Big Bad, Sirius!
  • Like You Would Really Do It: Sora’s near-death at the end of Final Confrontation. Judging by the way it was written, it could have well been originally meant as a genuine end for Sora, seeing as how the fic basically stated him as dead in the chapter where it occurs, only for him to show signs of life in the next chapter. This troper wonders if the writer got cold feet about the idea, considering what happened with Riku’s death…
    • In fact, Riku’s death in Conclusion could count along similar lines, as he was dead and buried, and a short epilogue about Sora and Kairi in their twilight years ‘looking forward to seeing Riku again’ was written. It all had to be retconned via the Dragon Balls so that Final Confrontation could proceed.
    • Sora’s near-death experience at the end of Final Confrontation isn’t the first time he’s gotten that close to dying. Not counting major fights with other characters, General Kai mortally wounds him in Halloween Town, Lord Cavendish beats him to within an inch of his life, and he gets blown up and covered in shrapnel in Final Confrontation.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Rellantando in Final Confrontation crosses this when he burns Twilight Town’s city hall to the ground. With all the civilians inside.
    • By the time the story begins, Ameba has supposedly already had this several times, and his actions caused Thundro to defect. Doesn't stop him from crossing the line over and over again, though.