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YMMV: Killing Zoe
  • Complete Monster: Eric is the psychopathic leader of the bank robbers. He simply does whatever he wants because he finds it exciting, including machine-gunning people to death. He also implies that he's a terrorist who has blown up government buildings for fun. He invites his American friend Zed over to Paris to execute a bank heist with his gang, but with almost no planning and while they're all high on heroin. During the heist he repeatedly kills hostages to the shock of his gang, at first in an attempt to get the bank manager to open the safe but later out of minor annoyances. He throws a bomb into the vault to kill an unexpected guard holed up in there even though it destroys most of the money, but it turns out there were gold bars in there as well which he decides to take instead. He leaves his own gang to their deaths when the cops burst in to stop his killing spree. When he notices that Zoe (the film's Hooker with a Heart of Gold) works in the bank he decides to kill her. When Zed saves her from the gang Eric reveals that their "friendship" means nothing to him. He slashes Zed's face with a knife and tries to kill both him and Zoe, threatening to rape her and give her the aids he got from a bad drug needle he used.
  • Cult Classic: Avary's stated goal was to make "an exploitation film for the coffee shop crowd." He succeeded.

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