YMMV / Kanjani 8

  • Ho Yay: We could list all the ways, but then the page would be totally overrun with this trope. A few things, however:
    • Yoko once said that he could identify all of his bandmates by only their penises.
      • For that mater, he wouldn't shut up about Shingo's penis size for ages.
    • Subaru and Ryo, during their 2007 tour, kissed on stage in Okinawa.
      • Then Yasu kissed Subaru on the same tour.
      • Really, by this point, everyone has kissed everyone.
    • Yasu has asked Yoko to take baths with him.
    • In their 2008 concert tour, Ryo mimed raping Ohkura.
  • Memetic Mutation: "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH TO YOU", "PAAAAAN!", "MISETEKURE!"
  • Woobie: Subaru, Ohkura and Ryo. Yes. Really.
  • WTH, Costuming Department?: Lime Green Suit + top hat, drop-crotch pants, hot pink lining and belt and did we mention the pink dancing lips on all of this? Or the Bubble Blowing Diaper of Doom.