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YMMV: Instrument of God
  • Faux Symbolism - A number of bible quotes are used in the book, including where the Chairman of the Afterlife sends a messenger to fetch 246, telling him to use the Bible quote Judges 3:20.
  • God-Mode Sue - Guess. Just guess.
  • Marty Stu: 246
  • Mary Suetopia: The English district, anyway.
  • Moment Of Awesome:
    "Anyway, Putty Tat, what the hell happened here? Not just what I just fixed, but I just saw a news report that 246 quit because he disagreed with some policy of yours."
    "Sir, with all due respect he was embarrassing the hell out of us."
    "Embarrassing you, personally, Marilyn, or this Department?"
    "Why the Department, of course."
    "So you're saying his remarks were embarrassing the hell out of the Welcoming Department, is that correct?"
    "Yes sir."
    The Chairman looked at her in amazement. "Well, well, embarrassing the hell out of a whorehouse! Now that's a new one on me, Putty Tat."
  • So Bad, It's Good
  • Unfortunate Implications - What part of the "afterlife" you get into depends, at least in part, on what language you speak in life. The English-language section is a libertarian Mary Suetopia. Every other section except the French is implied to be somewhat "mismanaged". The Spanish-language section, frequently albeit inconsistently referred to as the "Mexican section", gets an especially bad rap. As does the Arabic, of course.
    • At first the rape quote on the bottom of the page seems to have these. It turns out to be justified by the climax privilege, a system that basically removes most motivation for rape. However, this is full of more unfortunate implications: "It only works on heterosexual man-on-woman rape." That is to say, less Unfortunate Implications and more God Oh God What Is Wrong With You.

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