YMMV / In Fury Born

  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: These seem to follow Alicia DeVries around the galaxy. Let's see:
    • Alley countersniping 49 enemy snipers on her first mission ever.
    • Alley charging rifle-wielding enemies with just a pistol and force blade on Shallingsport...and kicking their asses.
    • Alley wiping out a raiding party singlehandedly.
    • Alley breaking out of a secured hospital, carjacking an aircar, ejecting from said aircar before the authorities blasted it to tiny bits, shuttlejacking a freaking Bengal-class assault shuttle, and finally starshipjacking one of the most advanced starships ever built and getting away scot-free!
      • It's even more of a CMOA for Tisiphone, a Fish out of Temporal Water who planned the entire thing without mentioning a word of it to Alley.
    • Alley chasing and killing a Fleet destroyer commanded by pirates before they even realized that she could engage them.
    • Tisiphone rerouting Alley's brain functions around a nerve block in order to cancel an automated neurotoxin release and wipe the floor with Quintana's guards while sustaining what should be fatal disruptor hits while she rescues Ben Belkassem (who came to rescue her).
    • Shallingsport is the CMOA for the entire Imperial Cadre. Two hundred seventy five Cadremen were lured into a trap designed to prove that the Cadre could be beaten. They faced twenty three hundred enemies, who were well-armed, well-entrenched, and knew exactly where they would be coming in. The Cadre took 97% casualties. They saved 97% of the hostages.
  • Les Yay: Alley and Tannis seem to stradle the line with this and Platonic Life-Partners. Especially given the way its described as Alley taking Tannis home to meet her family.
  • Tear Jerker: When Sir Arthur calls the roll after Shallingsport. He called 275 names and the nine surviving Cadremen answered "Present!" for themselves and their 266 comrades who hadn't made it back.
    • The last defense of Elysium, to a lesser extent.