• 8.8: Mostly averted. The editors were HUGE Nintendo fanboys and never gave a good game a less-than-decent review.
    • One notable example is San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing. Although they did reward it 8.9, that score is higher than in most other publications, whose editors did not play the game very extensively (Nintendo Power: 7.8; Electronic Gaming Monthly: 6.75; Gamespot: 7.1) and tended to evaluate it against high-tier racing sims such as Gran Turismo. Casamassina correctly recognized Extreme Racing as a stunt racer and reviewed it as such.
    • They gave the Nintendo Switch, which wasn't even available to the public yet and didn't even have all its features yet, a 7.0. They also claimed that they "didn't want to give it a review number, but we will anyway".
  • Reviews Are the Gospel: The site would take its reviews very seriously. At one point they had to inform readers that yes, they did play The New Superman Aventures ... extensively. And that it hurt.