YMMV / Hollywoodland

  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Ben Affleck plays an actor who plays Superman, more than a decade before we went on to play Batman in a movie where he faces off against Superman. To make it even more hilarious, Diane Lane is also in the movie, playing a woman who sleeps with the actor who plays Superman. She would later go one to play Superman's adopted mother Martha Kent in Man of Steel, who Batman is forced to rescue in Batman v Superman. This has led to a few Obligatory Jokes about why Batman and Superman ended up fighting. Apparently, Supes is protective of his mother.
    • In a scene based on a real-life incident, George Reeves, in character as Superman, is almost shot by a child who wants to test if he's really invulnerable. This adds a darkly humorous tinge to Affleck's future line as Batman:
    "Tell me... do you bleed? You will!"
    • George at one point notes to Toni that, since the show had been cancelled, he planned to take control of his own life by moving away and doing something else, like directing and producing. This is exactly what Ben Affleck himself did to resurrect his own career, doing Gone Baby Gone the very next year to great acclaim and eventually directing Argo, which got him a producing Oscar when it won Best Picture.