YMMV / The Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries

  • Critical Research Failure
  • Harsher in Hindsight: the episode "Arson & Old Lace"...where an arsonist torches a tall skyscraper, not only trapping Joe and a small child in an office room, but also trapping Frank and Nancy in the penthouse, with an unworking elevator & the access stair to the roof welded shut. After helping panicked office workers find the stairs through heavy smoke and flames, Joe shields a child from an explosion with his own body (the explosion blows out a window and a good part of the outer wall), then convinces the child to jump with him out of the window as the fire has cut off all escape routes. Post-9/11 and the WTC tragedy, this episode is now hard to watch: people on the upper floors of the WTC were not only trapped by the raging fires below them, but couldn't use the access stairs to the roof, as it'd been sealed shut. Many of those jumped to their deaths in an effort to escape the fire. The episode had only been meant as a cheesy ripoff to The Towering Inferno, but still...

  • Nightmare Fuel:
  • They Just Didn't Care:
    • "The Strange Fate of Flight 608": The Hardys have just crashed a jet airliner into the ocean (don't ask); they're the only awake and copacetic males on a flight of pretty stewardesses. All the OTHER men on board are the pilots, who have been knocked out by some weird drug. As the Hardys are helping the stewardesses evacuate everyone onto rubber life rafts, the show cuts to stock footage...showing other men standing on the wings of a plane and helping male passengers into life rafts. Ooops.
    • See the "Creatures Who Came On Sunday" entry above. Oops.
    • "Wipe Out": Joe dives into the surf to save Frank...in what is obviously less than two feet of water.
    • "Voodoo Doll": Despite having a stock footage opening shot of the real Bourbon Street in New Orleans during Mardi Gras...the Hollywood backlot didn't bother to make any buildings that looked like the French Quarter. And in the so-called 'bayou'...what are palm trees doing there?
    • "Last Kiss of Summer" has a scene with Joe Hardy sitting on a beach, brooding over the loss of his love; Frank walks up — and very, very obviously on the right, a sound mike juts into the scene and stays there for a few seconds before the scene cuts to close-ups.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Robert Englund had a minor role in the Nancy Drew episode "Fallen Angels" as a biker, long before he played Freddy Krueger.