• Abridged Arena Array: Mansion, due to its size and EXP boost, is the most common map players will congregate to.
  • Broken Base: The fans are horribly divided on many aspects, even the legitimacy of cheating in the rather difficult Quest Mode.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: The vast majority of K-Style users have the same weapon setup: Katana, shotgun, shotgun. If they don't use two shotguns, chances are they use two pairs of revolvers instead. Likewise, due to its relationship with K-Style, D-Style users tend to use the same setup as K-Style, but with a dagger instead of a katana. E-Style tends to mix things up a bit more as users of the style aren't restricted by the advanced techniques that the other styles are, but most users of the style tend to carry rifles and semi-auto pistols for their high accuracy.
  • Game-Breaker: Arguably the "Reload Shot" technique as it makes shotguns fire impossibly fast while ignoring the reload time.
    • Sword Instafall (Sword Stun -> Block -> Jump -> Slash -> Block -> Fire at will). When chained from a massive, it is a guaranteed kill if you are holding the right weapons to pulverise the victim with.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Technically speaking, K-Style is blatantly exploiting glitches. Without it, however, the modern metagame never would have developed.
  • "Stop Having Fun" Guys: If you don't use K-Style, you will be treated like evil scum who should be forcibly removed from the internet and shot. There is a strong stigma against E-Style users, and K-Style is sometimes considered the "true" way to play. It is rare for an E-Style user to be considered anything more than a "sprayer noob" even though the two most popular E-Style weapons, rifles and semi-auto pistols are the two most accurate types of weapons in the game. And this is before factoring in D-Style players. D-Style players are usually referred to as "dagger noobs", and are typically told to get a sword by the K-Stylers they play against. (Which is all the time.) D-stylers themselves can be pretty bad too, and don't mention "H-Style". (Hybrid Style)
    • It all points to a frightfully common Never My Fault attitude in the game's player base. The same person shouting about the guy with two SMGs is generally just as likely to whine about anyone that's a better K-styler than them or blame perfectly manageable levels of lag. The depth and breadth of techniques in GunZ was amazing, but the time investment to master them seemed to lead many to a borderline phallic obsession regarding their style's success.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Quite a few people are saying this about Gunz 2 with streamlining K-Style and being overall slower then the original, truth be told it was most likely inevitable.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Lots of things in GunZ refer to a story line (with different countries being named, different armies and weapons manufacturers as well), and all the concept art shows that the game could have had an excellent plot if it was given a single player mode—or even an All There in the Manual style written plot on their website. There used to be one on the official site (hosted by MAIET), but it got taken down along with igunz.