YMMV / Guided By Voices

  • Archive Panic: Pollard has written more than 1,000 songs and has released 100 albums between Guided by Voices, his solo career and his many side-projects.
    • Guided by Voices alone have 24 studio albums. That's already a sizable output, but it doesn't include the dozens of EPs, singles and demo box-sets they've put out.
  • Attention Deficit Creator Disorder: Pollard is not only in GBV and has a solo career, but is in several other side projects like Boston Spaceships and Circus Devils. And that's not getting into Tobin Sprout's and Doug Gillard's solo careers.
  • Name's the Same: This isn't the Mitch Mitchell from The Jimi Hendrix Experience.
  • Throw It In!: Technically it's "keep it out" - the band accidentally erased part of one of the guitar lines in "Hardcore UFOs" and decided not to re-record it.
    • Something similar happened with "King And Caroline": The vocal track briefly cuts out partway through an intended Title Drop, leaving it just "the king and Carol". This influenced how they printed the lyrics in the Alien Lanes booklet, as well as how they perform it live.
  • Write What You Know: Some of Pollard's songs are inspired by his experiences as a fourth-grade teacher, like "Gold Star for Robot Boy", "Teenage FBI" and "Non-Absorbing". "Your Name Is Wild" and "My Son Cool" are about his daughter and son, respectively. "Substitute 11" is apparently based on one of Pollard's recurring nightmares, about passing out drunk in the middle of class.