YMMV / Green Blood

  • Awesome Art
  • Complete Monster: Edward King was an Irish Immigrant to New York decades before the series started with his friend Gene McDowell with whom he founded the Gravediggers gang. Edward grew bored with the Five Points and left, after murdering the woman who had borne him two children, in front of his elder son Brad, inspiring Brad's lifelong hatred and desire for revenge. Years later, Edward returned when the Gravediggers were warring against their rivals, the Iron Butterflies, and manipulated both sides, supplying Gene's son Kip with a Gatling Gun simply to make the carnage more fun. After escaping again by threatening Kip's life to Gene, Edward returned to the frontier with his Crimson Gang. When one of them was defeated by Brad, Edward killed him by crushing his skull with his horse's hoof simply because the man was helpless and Edward could. Edward initiated a massacre in another town, capping it off by shooting a priest and declaring "This is my freedom" before they rode to Montana where Edward supplied his weapons to help wipe out the Sioux and Cheyenne warriors for amusement and gain. Edward later faked his capture in Kansas City to plunder its gold reserves. When both his sons confronted him, Edward laughed that he had "forgotten the bitch bore two curs" and engaged them, willing to have his stolen battleship burn down Kansas City and trying to kill his sons with sadistic relish, mocking his younger son how it would feel to die at a "real man's" hands.